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Alexey Larin

Alexey Lvovlch LARIN, Honoured Arts Worker of Russia, prize-winner of several international composers’ competitions (Musica Mundi, Germany, 1997; "Classical Heritage", Russia, 1999; Jihlava, Czechia, 2000; Klang der Welt, Germany, 2007), was born in 1954 in Saratov. Graduated from the Moscow Choral School for Boys (1971), GnesinsMusical Pedagogical Institute (GMPI, 1976, composition class of N. Peyko), postgraduate courses at GMPI (1979). Now he is Professor of the latter institution, renamed Russian Gnesins’ Academy of Music, and Honorary Visiting Professor of Korea University (Seoul).

The scope of A. Larin's work is large. He is author of ballet "Gulliver in Liliput", symphonic and vocal-symphonic scores (Symphony, suite "A Summer in Mitrofanovo Village", tableau "The Birth of the City", poem "White Shrine", "Eulogy to the Academy", etc), choral compositions (oratorio "Russian Passion", eight cantatas, choral concertos and cycles), compositions for Russian folk orchestra ("Till the Third Cock-Crow", Concerto-Bylina, etc) and for wind band (Fantasia Rustica), chamber compositions, works for children, music for movies.

Alexey Larin participates in the performances of his own music as pianist, organist, conductor and member of a chorus. His works appear in the concert programs of such renowned performers as V. Fedoseev, V. Dudarova, A. Vedernikov, K. Orbelian, V. Pon'kin, M. Rachlevsky , B. Ungrangsee, V. Minin, L. Litsova, G. Dmitryak, V. Sudakov, N. Nekrasov, N. Kalinin, R. Holl, V. Matorin, F. Lips, N. Babkina and many others.

Chamber works

"Beyond The Hills, Beyond The Woods"
for clarinet, violin, viola and cello


"Snowdrifts" for folk voice, poem by M. Tsvetaeva

"Oak Leaves" for soprano and piano, poem by N. Tryapkin

"Marim - Bach" for solo Marimba

Cantatas and poems

"White Shrine" poem for bass, mixed chorus
and symphony orchestra to Daniil Andreev verses


"Christmas Carols" - cantata after Slavic folklore
for solo voices, mixed chorus and percussion


Poem in Memory of Nikolay Rubstov
for orchestra of Russian folk instruments


Choral works

"Triptych" to Daniil Andreev verses
for bass, mixed chorus and piano


"Vivat Russia!" - composition on themes of chants and vivats
for mixed chorus and instrumental ensemble

Two Watercolors
for women's (children's) chorus to I. Bunin verses


"Anima" for mixed chorus, text by J.A. Comenius

"Ash-Wednesday" for mixed chorus, text by T.S. Eliot

Four Astrakhan Songs for mixed chorus

Two Choruses to S. Esenin verses

"Voice Of The Paternal Ground" - choral cycle
to N. Tryapkin verses

"Charles Of Sweden Writes" - arrangement of Russian folk song
for mixed chorus and percussion

"Spanish Solfeggio" for women's (children's) chorus

Works for string orchestra

"Legend" for gusli and string orchestra

"Impulses" for string orchestra

Works for wind orchestra

"Overcoming" - poem for wind band

Works for Russian folk instruments

Pieces for domra and piano ("Tune", March),
balalaika and piano ("Autumnal Mood")

March for domra and piano mp3

"Autumnal mood" for balalayka and piano mp3

Three Pieces for accordion
("Reflections", "Dialog", "Hunter's Tale")


Works for children

Eight Piano Pieces for beginners

"Who's The Happiest Of Them All?" for children's chorus,
poem by N. Bairamov, translated by Y. Morits



"Songs and Dances of Death" - transcription of Musorgsky`s vocal cycle
for soloists, chorus, two pianos and percussion,
text by A. Golenischev-Kutuzov


Larin's email

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