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Gennadi Chernov


     Chernov Gennady Vladimirovich - the Russian composer and the teacher, the professor of faculty of a composition and instrumentation of the Russian Academy of music name of Gnesin`s.

Was born on April, 26, 1937 in Tashkent. In 1968 has ended the State musical - pedagogical institute name of Gnesin`s (nowadays - the Russian Academy of music name of Gnesin`s) on a class of a composition and O.K.Ejges's instrumentation. Since 1968 on present time works on faculty of a composition and instrumentation of the Russian Academy of music name of Gnesin`s , where in the beginning conducted classes of the special analysis, polyphonies, readings of partitas and instrumentations, and then began one of conducting(leading) professors of a class of a composition and instrumentation. In 2003 the decree of the President from June, 11, 2003 appropriates(gives) a honorary title " the Honored worker of arts of the Russian Federation ". Among pupils - composers, musicologists, editors, teachers musically. Theoretical disciplines, executors, lecturers of philarmonic societies (all from above 300).

     Creativity of composer G.V.Chernov is widely known in Russia and many countries of the world. His products were repeatedly executed at international festivals " Moscow autumn " and " the Leningrad spring ", at the 1м-international festival band music in France (Le Havre, 1990), in the USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechia, Iraq, Poland, Holland, Yugoslavia, Portugal, Finland, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

     G.V.Chernov's to products the present and a great skill, brightness and contrast that, a support on Russian classical and national traditions, harmony of forms and dynamism of development, epic scope, masterly possession of orchestral means, aspiration to color to searches is peculiar.

     In  G.V.Chernov's  creativity  it is possible to allocate 4 basic directions:

1. Symphonic music -

The third symphony and Elegical poem for a string band, the Fifth symphony " To Fatherland ", the Symphony of a capriccio on the Arabian themes, East poem and dance, Romantic a poem - waltz, the Concert for a violoncello with an orchestra, the Symphony a concert for a violin and a symphonic orchestra, East imagination " N.A.Rimskogo-Korsakova's Memory " for a clarnet and a symphonic orchestra, the Epic oratorio " Forty first - forty fifth " for a mezzo-soprano mixed chorus and a symphonic orchestra on V.Tatarinova's verses, the Solemnis cantata – ode to " New Millenium " for chorus and a symphonic orchestra on I.Chernjaevoj's verses.

2. Products for band orchestra -

The first symphony " Russia Great ", " Russian suite ", East poem and dance (an author's variant for band orchestra), the Scherzo for a bassoon with an orchestra, East imagination for a clarnet and brass  orchestra, the play "Chastooshka", the Suite №2 "Сlassical".

3. Products for an orchestra of Russian national tools -

The second symphony, the Fourth symphony "Lyrical", " Russian suite ", the Concert for an orchestra of bayan players and shock, Polyphonic symphonietta for an orchestra of bayan players and shock, the Scherzo - toccata for an orchestra of bayan players and shock. 

4. Chamber, vocal, choral music -

 Sonata for a piano, the Sonata for a clarnet and a piano, the String quartet, 2 concert plays for a string trio, " Poetic a picture " for a piano, Concert plays for a piano, the Poem on a theme of Paul Dvoirin, the Scherzo for a bassoon and a piano, Plays for a bayan, Romances, Choruses  a cappella, etc.

    A number (line) of products of composer Chernov G.V. is issued in Russia and the USA, written down on phonograph records, broadcast by radio and TV.

On them are available Numerous responses in periodicals.

Works for piano

Six concert pieces

Poetic Pictures

Sonata for piano

Suite N2

Three Fugues

Poem on a Theme of Paul Dvoirin

Symphonic works

Symphony N3 for string orchestra (full score)

Symphony N3 (parts)

Oriental fantasia for clarinet
and symphony orchestra (full score)

Symphony-concerto for violin
and symphonic orchestra (clavier)

Works for brass orchestra

Symphony N1 "Great Russia" (full score)

Symphony N1 "Great Russia" (parts)

mp3 - Con. A.Michaylov

Suite N2 for brass orchestra (full score)

Works for orchestra
of Russian folk instruments

Symphony N2 (full score)

mp3 - Con. I.Gromov

Symphony N2 (full score)

Symphony N4 (full score)

mp3 - Con. N.Kalinin

Symphony N6 (full score)

Symphony N6 (parts)

Vocal works

"You love me..." (E.Evtuschenko)

Works for chorus



Cantata Solemnis-Ode
"To The New Millennium" (full score)

Cantata Solemnis-Ode
"To The New Millennium" (clavier)

Choral parts

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